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FAQ for Strip Poker

Question: When playing video strip poker why, when I win, does the girl not strip?
Answer: The model will begin her strip sequence in increments of $100 chip dollars. I.e. If you win $205 or more she will begin to remove her top.

Question: I don't really play poker. What hands beat what.
Answer: Good question, see standard Poker Hand Ranking below.

Question: I try to deal the cards on the video strip poker and sometimes the game won't let me.
Answer: The game calls certain film sequences and game play can resume when the film sequence is over.
Just updated: there is now a "ENABLE QUICK PLAY" button on the video strip poker game. This, if chosen, will allow you to bypass the film sequences to allow for quicker game play.

Question: Can I make the model for the video strip poker game larger?
Answer: Yes. There is an option now for full screen on all newer games.

Question: I have AOL and sometimes the video strip poker game stops.
Answer: Not sure why but this problem has been reported.  Try using a different browser like Internet Explorer.

Question: I am a model and would like to provide content for your site. Do you pay?
Answer: Yes, contact us and we can discuss payment.

Question: When I play strip poker against the models should I be stripping if she wins?
Answer: Yes!

Question: The models are really hot and I have no girlfriend, can you set me up on a date?
Answer: Not sure, but I bet I could set some custom videos for you if you wanted.

Question: I play the free version of video strip poker and my game get's cut in the middle followed by the model with a big dildo. Why?
Answer: Ah my friend, very good question. To play video strip poker and watch all our videos and streaming movies costs us money to update. As a result we charge a small fee for you to access the entire site. And the big dildo is what she uses during her post strip poker show as a token of her appreciation: this is what we refer to as the "special" bonus show.


Strip Poker started around the same time original poker did in New Orleans around 1830. At this time of gun slinging cowboys and gold driven entrepreneurs gambling, drinking and womanizing was a very common past time. It only makes sense that these common fellows and gals after some serious drinking would want to take a break from the stressful gaming tables and get naked! Also, in general, the women who were around real poker games were in brothels and worked as prostitutes. Many of these women became intrigued by the game and wanted in. The men at the tables, typically very drunk, would often let the women sit in on a few hands but would require them to strip when they lost! Hence strip poker became widely popular and spread like the plaque to the territories.


You can play on V Strip Poker to hone your skills. Once you perfect your game with our models try it with some of your closest friends.

The game is quite self-explanatory through its title. The players involved, you and your friends, remove your articles of clothing one by one through a series of poker hands and the first player to get naked loses.

There are typically a few ways to play strip poker. This is usually a function of how patient and how much time you have.

If you are pressed for time or just want to get your drunken significant other naked quickly try playing the fast strip poker guidelines. This would include all players involved, each hand, to lose an article of clothing except for the winner. This is great for a quick game of strip poker and to see your friends naked. Hint: this works best for the winner if you get your opponents drunk first and then cheat.

Next would be medium strip poker pace. This would involve only the player with the worst hand to remove a piece of clothing.

Finally the slow version of strip poker. This is for the group that really wants to make a night out of the game. What you need is your clothes, cards and chips. This is how the video strip poker game on Vstrippoker is set up. Stripping only occurs when you lose your chips and then must buy back in with an article of clothing. This is for the hardcore strip poker fans.

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