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Play This Free Game of Video Strip Darts!
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So Victoria's friend Kelli heard about strip darts and asked if she could play. Ummm, that was an easy decision.
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Play This Free Game of Video Strip Poker!
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What a knockout! Gorgeous Natasha she has the filthiest mouth I've heard on a girl. I remember her being excited that she gets to "Fuck Bitches in the Face"! Beat this horny girl in strip poker and if your lucky watch her masturbate, over, and over
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Video Strip Darts

Added On: 12/12/10

For those of you unfamiliar with how to play video strip darts...

Video Strip Darts is played like the game "301". The object of the game is to be the first one to zero, starting at 301 points.

For each round you throw three darts. The total score of those three darts are subtracted from the total until you reach 0. In order to win the game, you must reach exactly 0. So in other words, if you have 30 points at the start of the round, you must score exactly 30 points. If you score say 31 points or more, those points are scrapped and you will remain with 30 points left.

The following is the point structure:

Bullseye = 50 points

Green outside bullseye = 25 points

Face Value = Value Displayed

Inner Ring = Triple the face value

Outer Ring = Double the face balue

Each time you win a round, the model will remove an article of clothing. If she wins, she will put the article of clothing back on. If she is fully dressed and she wins, you lose the game.

Have Fun...

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