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So Victoria's friend Kelli heard about strip darts and asked if she could play. Ummm, that was an easy decision.
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What a knockout! Gorgeous Natasha she has the filthiest mouth I've heard on a girl. I remember her being excited that she gets to "Fuck Bitches in the Face"! Beat this horny girl in strip poker and if your lucky watch her masturbate, over, and over
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Strip Poker for Christmas

Added On: 12/03/10

Christmas is coming. What do you get the guy who works his butt off all year? A tie? A fucking tie, hell no. Maybe new slippers. Yeah, slippers to shove up your ass. He probably would love a new coffee mug to sip his morning brew while yuckin it up with his coworkers. He doesn't want a coffee mug, trust me.

No, what this man wants is none of the above. He wants you to challenge him to a game of strip poker. Strip poker instead of a tie you ask? Yes, a tie get's boring pretty quick but strip poker can stay in his memory for years.

Specifically, how should you play this? First, try your best. Try to get him to start stripping. In the end your going to make sure you lose and show your goods. So let's say he's down to his boxers and you've got three aces, discard two aces and throw the game. Show him those titties. Strip down to those boy shorts and wave that ass in his face.

Then lose it all. Slide off those panties and give him the full show. If you really want to make him happy, give him a membership here and he can play strip poker against a bunch of hotties.

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