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Poker Hands

Added On: 12/05/10

I've often been asked how each hand ranked in strip poker. Here is the list arranged from Highest to Lowest hands:

Straight Flush - All five cards are the same suit and in sequential order. The highest hand is a royal flush which is a straight flush with an ace being the highest ranking card in the hand. The royal flush is the highest ranked hand in poker.

Four of a Kind - Four of the five cards in a hand are of one rank such as (4) Aces and (1) King.

Full House - This hand consists of three of one rank and two of another such as (3) Aces and (2) Kings.

Flush - All the cards are of the same suit. If they are in sequential order, that is a straight flush (see above).

Straight - All five cards are in sequential rank.

Three of a Kind - Three of the five cards in a hand are of one rank such as (3) Aces, (1) King and (1) Queen.

Two Pair - The hand consists of two pair (hence the name). An example would be (2) Aces, (2) Kings and (1) Queen.

One Pair - When two cards are of the same rank in a given hand such as (2) Aces, (1) King, (1) Queen and (1) Jack.

High Card - If none of the combinations above are achieved, the rank of the hand is based on the highest card.

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