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So Victoria's friend Kelli heard about strip darts and asked if she could play. Ummm, that was an easy decision.
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What a knockout! Gorgeous Natasha she has the filthiest mouth I've heard on a girl. I remember her being excited that she gets to "Fuck Bitches in the Face"! Beat this horny girl in strip poker and if your lucky watch her masturbate, over, and over
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All Reds!

Added On: 01/26/11

Back in my college days, I was really into redheads. And there was this one redhead, lets call her Jane, in particular that I really wanted see if the carpet matched the drapes. She was petite, easy on the eyes, great social IQ, but didn't really do well on abstract thought and math.

Now, I have to be honest. I am not exactly a good looking guy. I'm not hideous or anything, but my slight stature and mediocre build limited me to girls who were truly interested in personality or nice guys. So if I could get the time of day, I could often charm my way into the ... um... good graces of women who caught my eye.

Another challenge that I've always struggled with is that I don't drink. It's a personal choice I made for reasons that I can't go into here, I've never taken up with booze. What I've found is that this removes the beer-google effect that often help other men get ... um... lucky. Girls who drink are just uncomfortable drinking around guys who don't. No one likes to drink alone, particularly when they are on a date.

So Jessica was a real challenge. She was socially adept enough that my fancy words had no effect on her. And getting her blitzed just wasn't going to happen. She did have one weakness, however. She was very competitive.

Jane and I had a tennis class together (easy A) and I would always goad her into playing me, but the only problem was, is that she is better than me at tennis. So I didn't really impress her by playing her tennis as much as I made her feel good about herself be nurturing her desire to win.

So one day after tennis class, I started talking to her poker, and that it was more about reading people and psychology than any real strategy. She had never really played cards before, and I played the classic reverse psychology on her that she could never beat me... and it worked.

So one afternoon during finals week, she surprised me by telling me she had purchased a deck of cards and needed a study break and I should come over and play with her.

We played with M&Ms and she mostly won (yes, I was playing her... I know you have to lose before you can um... win). We both ate most of our "chips" anyway.

Of course, I explained, that playing poker with no real stakes (like for chips or candy) was not the same game as playing for money or something that mattered. We were both scholarship students and none of us had any real money to speak of... so she suggested be play for pride. Then I said, no, we play for shame. You lose a round, you lose some clothes.

She thought about it, and perhaps overconfident thanks to my social engineering, agreed. I told her I would only do if we played until one of us was fully naked. She agreed.

It was a warm for early May and we weren't wearing much to start with. She quickly lost shoes, socks, hair ribbon, shirt, and ah, yes, bra. I lost my shoes.

I only had to win one more to have her panties, but I was having a hell of a time concentrating. She had nice freckles all over her tight body and not-to-large, but not-to-small breasts.

I was dealt the 2,4,7 of diamonds and the 4 of hears and ace of spades. I decided, for some reason to go for long-shot flush.

She took one card and then got really excited. I thought I was not getting to see the drapes this round.

I drew the flush! Getting the jack and 9 of diamonds.

She proudly put down her cards one at a time...

2 of hearts
3 of hearts
4 of hearts
5 of hearts.

I was thinking, no fraking way.

And the 6 of diamonds.

"Straight." She said. "All red."

I laughed at her rookie mistake. I put down my flush. She was incredulous, but after we checked the rules on her iPhone, she paid. Up, or down, if you will.

Yes, all red, indeed. I thought.

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