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So Victoria's friend Kelli heard about strip darts and asked if she could play. Ummm, that was an easy decision.
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What a knockout! Gorgeous Natasha she has the filthiest mouth I've heard on a girl. I remember her being excited that she gets to "Fuck Bitches in the Face"! Beat this horny girl in strip poker and if your lucky watch her masturbate, over, and over
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3rd Annual Chicago Strip Poker Tournament

Added On: 12/01/10

And the winner is...

The 2010 Chicago Strip Poker Tournament was undoubtedly the best yet. The third year of this tournament was hosted by Abe Froman in the Springfield plant. Having the tournament in Springfield was a great choice as many players had easy access to the 2nd largest sausage factory in the U.S.

The largest turnout thus far, 480 competitors dawned their six selected articles of clothing, put on their best poker faces and sat down for the two day competition.

With three girls and three guys to a table, things quickly got heated up. At the end of round 1, 57 guys and 23 women remained. Some fan favorites were out early this year. Clinton Domer, Noreen Counter and Allan Filippone were just a few of last years semi-finalists that surprisingly felt the cold in round 1 (and yes, it's a cold factory).

The women faired better in the 2nd round. 20 competitors remained with 8 of them being ladies. Fan favorite Fonda Rowold wowed the crowd with her graceful loss by standing on the table and dropping her polka dot panties and mooning table winner Hank Dannis.

The final five competitors were Louisa Grego, Kurt Beachy, Fernando Bailon, Sally Schaub and Clarence Spell. Bailon was the first out when Beachy went all in and took his boxers right off him. Louisa then lost her panties when she bluffed with a pair of 10's. Sally's three of a kind was no match for Beachy's straight to the king.

The last hand came to Beachy's two pair, Jacks over 8's, which was enough to beat out the lousy pair of 5's that Spell was holding. Feeling the moment, Kurt Beachy treated the crowd of over 400 to a bare ass presentation.

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